Quadruple rooms

Available options of rooms for four

Several hotel buildings were built on the territory of Hotel and Restaurant Complex “Brech”. 4-bed rooms are available in the following variants:

  • A standard four-seater room in an eco-hotel built of pine logs. A large two-room suite with one double and two twin beds is great for families with children and will give you a sense of comfort, warmth and closeness to nature.
  • 4 bed Suite Room in an Oriental colorful hotel that captures the mysterious world of China with its philosophy and contemplative meditations. The large terrace of this VIP-room invites you to leisure time spending and enjoying the beautiful view.

The price for a 4-bed room at the hotel includes breakfast for the whole family. Be sure to try the dishes from our chef at the Silver Restaurant, and this breakfast will be one of the brightest memories of your staying in Brech.

If you want to bring pets with you, it is possible for an additional fee.

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