Country suite for a wedding is just as important part of the event as bridal dress or wedding rings. The choice of its location largely affects how successful the whole event will be, and what memories of this special day will remain for the newlyweds and their guests.

“Brech” is not just a country hotel for a wedding, but also a whole range of related services. In addition to the magnificent open ground for ceremonies and a spacious banquet hall, there is an actual breeding farm with thoroughbred horse-riding, a lot of activities both outdoors and within the premises.

This country wedding site has a large area of ​​56 hectares, which have different landscapes. There are also oriental pagodas with the Small Chinese Wall, a decorative waterfall near the lake, and a real sailboat on the shore. Especially appreciated by the newlyweds is our country club for a wedding for a unique park with its snow white sculptures, fountains and classical architecture. The best photos are made here!

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