Bike rent

Riding a bike is not only fun but also useful. Your stamina increases, cardiovascular system strengthens, body is enriched with oxygen. Do not miss the opportunity to combine a pleasant walk with the benefit of the body!

Biking outside the city allows you to observe nature in its original form. Notice the hare that runs around the field. Hear the voices of birds flying around. See a splash from a large fish in the middle of a pond … Such moments can’t be seen from a car window.

Rules and the cost of renting a bike in the hotel and restaurant complex “Brech”

In our complex, the price of bike rental is set on hourly basis:

Bicycle – 100 UAH / 60 min.

Bicycle car – 100 UAH / 30 min.

Electric bike – 200 UAH / 60 min.

Giroboard – 50 UAH / 10 min.

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