Are you interested in fishing near Kiev? Now you know where to go! Hotel and restaurant complex “Brech” will provide you with everything you need for fishing and rest:
• a complete set of fishing equipment
• Fishing for carp, perch, carp and carpenter
• trophy fishing on pike in large fish lakes. Both from the shore and from the boat
• Rent a pavilion on the shore
• rental of fishing lounges for the most comfortable fishing.

You can take the catch with you and cook it yourself on the grill or entrust the creation of a delicious meal to the chefs of our restaurants.


Tackle rental – 100 UAH / day
Boat rental – 20 UAH / hour
Renting a fisherman’s house – 500 UAH / day
Rent a gazebo on the beach – 300 UAH / day

Fish catch:

Cost for residents:
Predatory fish 180 UAH / kg (up to 2 kg)
Not predatory fish 180 UAH / kg (up to 2 kg)
Cost for visitors:
180 UAH / kg (up to 2 kg)

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