Are you planning several days in the green, but don’t want to sacrifice the usual comfort level? We invite you to Brech

We have several placing options at our complex. You can rent one of the cottages or a room in the suburban hotel.

A hotel near Kyiv in the American style

The reserved luxury and the laconic sophistication are the features of the American-style hotel building on picturesque the area of the suburban complex Brech. Guests are offered 2 and 3 bed rooms of comfort and luxury categories.

Eastern hotel near Kyiv in the forest

Several hotels at once are decorated in the exotic style of the Far East. Chinese architecture and Eastern interiors set on some special meditative and relaxed mood. It is so pleasant to conduct te ceremonies here, having small talks and observing the smooth water in the lake. The rooms fund includes 2 and 4 bed VIP rooms.

Site Rating: 4.7 of 5 на основе 60 ratings.