SPA center Brech

The spa center Brech is equipped with everything necessary so that you can relax and unwind after the city. We will take care of your full recovery, even if you only arrive for a couple of days. More than 10 types of massage, Charcot’s shower, Turkish bath and classic sauna. And the salt room, oxygen cocktails and body treatments. Everything as you like.

Contact SPA center: +38 (050) 465-77-35

Finnish sauna

Dry steam heated to 90-110 degrees Celsius has a powerful healing effect and removes toxins.


The most calm and filling kind of relaxation. A quick way to rejuvenate


Soft Turkish bath with peeling “Kese” and foam massage

Massage room

SPA massage, classic, sports, honey and lymphatic drainage massage. A small part of your enjoy

Salt Room

Accelerates metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins and possess powerful therapeutic and preventive effects.

Shower charcot

Popular hydro-massage procedure improves mood and well-being

What kind of massage do you like?

Trust our professional to find what makes you happy.



Facial care

Turkish hammam

Sports massage


Spa complex outside Kyiv is a convenient opportunity to combine country holidays with a complex of procedures for the face and body.

What procedures does the SPA complex “Brech” offer

  • Finnish sauna and Turkish hammam sauna with peeling and foam massage;
    • Halotherapy – staying in a salt room;
    • oxygen – inhalation and foam;
    • peeling and wrapping with a powerful detoxifying, lifting, anti-cellulite and moisturizing effect;
    • Hydrotherapy: circular shower, Sharko Shower, hydromassage;
    • massages – classic, sports, honey, relaxing, anti-cellulite, vacuum roller and others;
    • cosmetic procedures for the face: ultrasonic and mechanical cleaning, peeling, alginate masks, mesotherapy, etc .;
    • osteopathy.
    Make a gift to your body, turn vitality back to your body!
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